Dial-Up Fax over Verizon FiOS Using Vista x64

Using Windows Vista x64, a US Robotics Dial/Fax modem, and a Verizon FiOS connection, I was able to dial up over the FiOS connection and send a fax. I was also able to call my phone from the modem and speak through the modem’s speaker. This is an interesting feat, as Verizon uses a SIP enabled ONT on the premises to connect to a Nortel switch down the line to offer a ‘voice over fiber’ service. Whatever encapsulation that is being used preserves the ability to send out old-school analog data. Great, now I can send faxes! TO set this up I used a US Robotics external modem with the following settings enabled on the rear DIP switch:

1. DTR override

2. Verbal Result Codes

3. Display Result Codes

4. Echo offline commands

5. Auto-answer off

6. CD Normal

7. Load NVRAM defaults

8. Smart Mode

I then hooked this up to my PC’s serial port. I know, a serial port is a rare commodity on PCs these days – I needed to purchase a PCI card serial port for my GPS. I can attest that this Startech unit works under Vista x64. I used the generic Windows US Robotics 56k driver, put in a phone number, and viola, it all worked. Not that there are many places you can dial up to anymore – but faxing is useful and works flawlessly.