1988 VW Vanagon (Well, kind of…)

So this ad for a (non-Syncro!) 1988 VW Vanagon was just hanging off some pizza place near the Adirondacks. If there is one thing that you can learn from the Adirondacks, it would be NOT to get pizza there. It could also be ‘don’t buy a Vanagon here.’ First off, an automatic combined with a ‘new rebuilt’ engine? Also, how can a 1988 van be ‘new since 2004’ (Bullet point # 4)? I don’t know, but does the new propane tank justify the ~$12,000 selling price. High Five for suckers!

2 thoughts on “1988 VW Vanagon (Well, kind of…)”

  1. Hi,
    I looked up your 1988 VW Vanagons. I like the compact Vanagons.The fives in the manual were OK for mileage and performance, if you could find one. The Auto version was gutless.

  2. Hi,
    I’ve never actually had the pleasure of driving one of these around – but looking at the specs, gutless might be an understatement! Thanks for looking though – I hope you enjoyed the other VW posts (all in good humor, of course!). Your poptopheaven.com is great – I’ve been trying to convince a friend to do that to her Honda Element ever since I saw that conversion was available.


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