Another Vagrant Van

Another home on the road!
Another home on the road!

So this pristine example of a later t-van was found in downtown Manhattan, on the west side. This registration-free van is claerly on the lam, as are the people who own it. The inside was filled with blankets and what looked like cat fur. The easy pass pasted to the windshield shows that somehow this VW owner can afford to use bridges and tunnels, which makes one ask: “Why not use that money to buy a new car!?”

The Long Haul VW!

Although the title of this post may seem oxy-moronic (or just moronic), this VW trekked all the way from Washington State to Heckscher Park in Huntington, NY. How it made that trip is anyone’s guess, but obviously everyone in that van was a qualified mechanic! This baby blue T2 was actually in very nice shape, and started right up when the brave travelers turned the ignition, which leads me to believe that it wasn’t a real VW at all, but a Honda of some kind.

Cool Transporter Pickup

Well, we got lucky and found this in the Amityville Beach parking lot August 2008. It seems that some company, decided to use a nice condition VW pickup for advertising. I was secretly hoping that their website would be down, so I could make a snarky reference between the reliability of their chosen transportation and their company, but no such luck. Enjoy the pictures!

Pure Driving Pleasure (If it will actually turn on)!

Well there’s been a huge gap between postings, which is fine really, since I don’t think too many people actually read this blog. However, if there is anyone out there that isn’t me, or if in the future someone needs pictures of an outmoded way of traveling, this blog will be there to answer their call. But seriosuly I doubt it, just like I doubt that this van will ever get above 60 mph, or perhaps get around the block, but here it is: the Fahrvernugen van! That’s right, only by owning a Volkswagen can you experience driving Nirvana, as long as your idea of pleasure is collecting various bits of the drivetrain off of Main St. Enjoy the pics!

Note, this van (like almost all of them) is in a repair garage! Also take note of the unique airhorn, interior hanging plants, as well as the glued on rhinestones that adorn the front and sides of this action-packed machine.

Super Late Bonus Post!

Lucky for you, Long Island is blessed with people who like waste. And stupidity. This combination of waste and idiocy is displayed perfectly in the ideals of some car collectors. However, the LI VW Club is one exception. No one would ever think of putting money into an air cooled econo box from a different decade is a bad idea. Neither do I, so I went to their latest car show on September 13, 2008 in Deer Park Long Island. Of course there was more than just vans there, so here is an album of all the interesting photos. Please forgive my including regular (non-van) VWs, but some of them were rather interesting. Enjoy!

Help! I’m missing two windows!

Found in Locust Valley, NY: What is looks like we have here is a mashup of two of Volkswagen’s most popular vehicles. It seems like some really smart (read: bored) person decided to chop and lower a VW van… and then put it on a Beetle chassis! If you’ve ever had a bad idea, I don’t think it could be this bad. The van was actually so low, it’s dual exhausts had rusted into the dirt on which it was parked! The only thing this is missing is two pieces of toast popping out of the top.

The more the merrier!

What we have here is another example of a sweet T2 van. Sadly, we have yet to find anything older, as the East Coast doesn’t treat these fine transporters well. (Not like those lucky west coasters!) The blankets covering all the windows do more to describe the destitute drug addicts living inside then all the camping equipment thrown on top. There is some king of weird CB radio thing (obviously for monitoring police channels), and this van looked like it hadn’t moved in a couple of days. Please take note of the (matching color!) Schwinn Traveler in front! (This was found just north of south Philly).