1988 VW Vanagon (Well, kind of…)

So this ad for a (non-Syncro!) 1988 VW Vanagon was just hanging off some pizza place near the Adirondacks. If there is one thing that you can learn from the Adirondacks, it would be NOT to get pizza there. It could also be ‘don’t buy a Vanagon here.’ First off, an automatic combined with a ‘new rebuilt’ engine? Also, how can a 1988 van be ‘new since 2004’ (Bullet point # 4)? I don’t know, but does the new propane tank justify the ~$12,000 selling price. High Five for suckers!

Down on the Beach!

So apparently beaches are the cool hang out spot for these vans. Just like the purple van that is listed below this was found in field 5 of Robert Moses Park. Unlike its purple brethren, it is slightly more ugly! This swamp monster of Westfalias is beautifully decorated with speedy stripes, lifestyle promoting stickers and your daily requirement of rust. This van apparently runs, and is one of the few that isn’t in a garage. I think if our masked hero poked the metal side paneling his hand would go right through!


Look! Another T2!

What we have here is another T2 VW bus with some kind of tall-people adapter installed as the roof. The snazzy basement windows installed on the side perfectly complement the tugboat-style tire installed on the front. The bizarre roof made me question the use of this van, camper? or methlab? Either way we’ll never know as the interior was empty.

This van was also found in a repair shop. What else is new. Enjoy the pictures of our explorers!

Does This Count?

Well, we found this right before the red van below. This van, like most VWs, was in a repair shop parking lot. Although it may not have the charm of its older brethren, it probably still has the same cop-appeal. This particular van still has the enviable pop-top and actually belongs to the Long Island Greyhound Rescue. Although newer, safer, it appears it is no more reliable than other, older VWs. So, does this count?

More Volkswagens From The Homefront

What we have here in this picture I think is more interesting not because of the van, but because of its excellent surroundings. Clearly, this is located in some type of Volkswagen and VW derivative graveyard. Note in the first picture: our heroine in front of our older van, next to a detenté era VW sedan (with bonus bird’s nest on hood), surrounded by Porsches, and a BMW (?) convertible in the foreground. Excellent.

A sweet bonus of this find was that the inside of the van was stuffed to the brim with aircooled engines! (Look in the window next to her head).

Another Volkswagen, This Time From Sunny Philadelphia!

What we have here I think is one of the older Volkswagens from our collection. You can see from the sagging suspension, hanging metal bits, and questionable color that this van has seen better decades. What is really important to note here is that this picture has a story. Note the sad faces of our heroes in the first picture – after a full day of trekking through every thrift shop in Philadelphia, people tend to get disheartened. Alas! Upon their 6:30 pm walk across the city back to home, they come across this wonderful example of 60’s design, and everyone is all smiles. I think this was taken a couple of blocks away from that gigantic building with Ben Franklin on top of it.

VW Numero Uno

What we have here is a sweet 1970’s T2 VW bus. This lovely lavender people-mover has obviously been put to good use, as you can tell by the tin foil curtains and suction cup Garfield. This excellent example with some sort of removable roof segment (ex-camper?) was found in Robert Moses Beach parking field 5.

Now for the interesting information. This picture was taken on or around April 15th, 2007. It was a chilly “spring” afternoon and was preceded by a lovely walk on the beach. We’re all pretty sure that it was the beautiful Crystal (the lady on the left) who pointed out this fantastic “road-trip” vehicle machine in the parking lot. We discussed road-tripping and how the VW would be the most suitable of all the vehicles to trip in, that is if it would actually turn on. And thus we decided to commemorate that lovely moment in time by taking a single photo in front of this purple and white VW (we pretended for all the onlookers that it was actually our own). Little did we know that this single photo would lead to us searching out EVERY VW Van in the world.com. Enjoy.