Connecting to SMB DFS Share from non domain-joined Linux Machines

Please reference the Microsoft documentation on this, short names will not work:

Client computers must be members of a local or trusted domain before they can access a domain-based namespace by using the format \\NetbiosDomainName\RootName. If clients are members of a workgroup or an untrusted domain and can resolve DNS names, they can access domain-based namespaces by using the format \\DNSDomainName\RootName. For information about how clients determine the list of trusted domains, see “DFS Physical Structures and Caches on DFS Clients.”

Citrix Group Policy Not Applying

Eventvwr error: Windows could not record the Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) information for the Group Policy extension <Citrix Group Policy>. Group Policy settings successfully applied to the computer or user; however, management tools may not report accurately.

Solution: Deleting all sub folders and files under C:\ProgramData\Citrix\GroupPolicy on the problematic XA server can resolve the above warning message.

Citrix Print Spooler Crash and Fixit 9829711

A corrupt Citrix print spooler keeps causing spoolsv.exe to crash.  A full reset of the spooler is required. Unfortunately, Fix It #9829711 is retired. Fortunately, gracious github user jdickson289 has created a powershell replacement for both the light and full options. This can be found here: Print-Reset-Tool.

Also zipped up here for convenience.