Heading to the Campsite

White T4 camper van barreling down the road.

It’s difficult to find a modern vehicle that allows such flexibility in use – a van that can not only move many adults from one place to another, but also provide a comfortable place to stay at night is a rarity for today’s car-buyer. This wonderful example of a T4 camper is decked out with all the goodies – a leaky pop-top roof, connectors for all your campsite amenities, and probably some kind of marijuana-burning device inside. Although not as stylish as its more iconic predecessors, this van still represents what the originals stood for: fun, and driving pleasure.

This Van has Chicken Pox!


Just like that kid that no one wants to be next to for fear of catching whatever disease wrought its ugly ailments on their skin, this van had NO cars parked within a two block radius of it. This camper was obviously well used, and owned by some kool skaters (as evidenced by the 411 video magazine stickers, remember that?) If you ignore the property-value killer skin problems and lack of front vent, it was actually in pretty good shape – suprisingly!