Summer Living

Summer’s warm weather affords us the opportunity to finally get back outside and absorb the vitamin D producing gamma rays that we have been denied all winter. It also allows most Volkswagen owners to finally get their carburetors adjusted and working enough to move their lumbering hulks of hibernating machinery. This van was found by the shore beaches on Long Island, no doubt stretching its legs after a long, parked winter.


Earth Tones

Green t2 van in dirt parking lot

Pollution is a overwhelming concern for many people these days. Smog, waste, and products that will not biodegrade all come together to keep hippies up at night and environmentalists worrying. That’s a problem that Volkswagen has dealt with since day 1, equipping their vehicles with automatic recycling features! As you can see, this van has already started its natural process of biodegrading. In about a week, it will be totally gone. Some people might call this rust, VW calls it ‘forethought’.