New York City’s New Housing Problem

This owner of this VW was forward thinking enough to realize that one day he or she would probably end up living in their van. With this idea in mind, it’s obvious that they took some time to prep the van for the new role it would play in their life – housing. This VW is equipped with a sweet pusher bar / pull up bar, for keeping fit or hanging clothes out to dry, as well as super luxurious Mercedes Benz wheels, which are only put on when company is coming over. Also notice the full curtains, for keeping the prying eyes of those pesky neighbors (or police!) out. What a find!

Brown VW, downtown New York

Another Philly Van

After hiking through the Hamburg area of Pennsylvania, we decided to stop in Philadelphia on our way back to NY. Here we have a prime example of a bad day made better – after slogging through the sad, gray, rain-soaked streets of Philly, we were greeted by the warm, comforting light of a T3 van, waiting to open it’s rusted doors and provide shelter. This of course, was not what actually happened, as this van was locked up tighter than a bank due to the prevalence of crime in Philly. Crime, and rain.

Tan Volswagen T3
So much rain

Van, storage, what’s the difference?

So this wonderful vehicle/storage closet was found up in beautiful Lake Placid, NY. Parked (or abandoned) behind some nice old houses, this van was filled with a bunch of junk, including the usual Volkswagen clothing collection, various crates of magazines, and enough blankets for a hospital. At least the kitchen was still in OK shape…