Occupy New York

If 99% of the people in this county are living way below the means of the top 1%, they should at least count themselves lucky that they are not part of the .001% of the driving public that is still puttering around in Volkswagen Transporters. This perfect example of a mobile living space moved in from Colorado and settled down by Union Square, no doubt occupying valuable parking space in an attempt to roust the 1%, and no doubt broken.


Heading to the Campsite

White T4 camper van barreling down the road.

It’s difficult to find a modern vehicle that allows such flexibility in use – a van that can not only move many adults from one place to another, but also provide a comfortable place to stay at night is a rarity for today’s car-buyer. This wonderful example of a T4 camper is decked out with all the goodies – a leaky pop-top roof, connectors for all your campsite amenities, and probably some kind of marijuana-burning device inside. Although not as stylish as its more iconic predecessors, this van still represents what the originals stood for: fun, and driving pleasure.