Garage Queen

As you can tell, a lot of the Volkswagens we run across are stuck in front of garages. A telling indicator of their reliability? A public showing of their owner’s undying love? A desperate last attempt at resuscitation before they are sent to the jaws of the crusher? Either way, it’s another T2 Volkswagen, gutted and rusty, awaiting its fate. Enjoy!

Spotted in Merrick, NY

Ugly blue van – with bonus Citroen!

This van looks like it was colored with leftover blue from an old watercolor set. The color was terrible. However, it was a nice surprise to find a (probably dead) Citroen SM Automatique dumped in this mini-graveyard as well. This van didn’t really have anything special going on, but the tinted windows and curtains probably made it an exciting place to hang out.