A Small Reminder of Summer

Orange van barreling down roadway

Nothing is more American than the summer road trip. The annual trek from point A to point B has defined the summer months for many people, and nothing can replace the fun of being on the road and seeing new places. Although these trips should be light-hearted and fun, there are serious decisions that must be made that can have huge consequences on the overall success of the trip. The vehicle of choice for the road trip can make all the difference; a bland, boring car can make the trip an unbearable commute, while a flaky, interesting van can make the trip not only life-threatening, but bring the kind of excitement that makes you appreciate living more.

This picture clearly shows one such couple embracing the more exciting side of the summer trip, choosing quite possibly the most under-powered vehicle around, but also one of the most interesting. Maybe the subtle hints of sunlight reflecting off of their van will help melt some of this snow we are currently seeing.

Taken somewhere between NY and Vermont.