The Other Woodstock

white t3 van parked on the street

The vehicle you choose to drive is the result of a number of different factors: budget, utility, specifications, and style all add twists to the decision making road that is car buying. It can be argued that identity is also a large part of car buying as well – ask any middle aged guy with a Corvette trying to hold onto the last vestiges of youth. What we have here is a van with an identity crisis, spotted in Woodstock, Virginia this van clearly headed the wrong way when looking for the concert, man.

A Love of Self Hatred

Obviously the owner of this van is an interesting person. Not only did this van make it from Connecticut to (unsurprisingly) Woodstock, NY – it somehow did it with some special engine mods. This wonderful T1 has been worked to hold something that requires dual exhausts as well as dual air scoops and a real battery. It also cannot fit in the engine compartment. But let’s move our focus away for a second to the wonderful Renault 5. What. An. Idiot.