A Love of Self Hatred

Obviously the owner of this van is an interesting person. Not only did this van make it from Connecticut to (unsurprisingly) Woodstock, NY – it somehow did it with some special engine mods. This wonderful T1 has been worked to hold something that requires dual exhausts as well as dual air scoops and a real battery. It also cannot fit in the engine compartment. But let’s move our focus away for a second to the wonderful Renault 5. What. An. Idiot.

This Van has Chicken Pox!


Just like that kid that no one wants to be next to for fear of catching whatever disease wrought its ugly ailments on their skin, this van had NO cars parked within a two block radius of it. This camper was obviously well used, and owned by some kool skaters (as evidenced by the 411 video magazine stickers, remember that?) If you ignore the property-value killer skin problems and lack of front vent, it was actually in pretty good shape – suprisingly!